Wednesday, September 5, 2012

As I was watching Kathy Orta tonight at PaperPhenomenon, it seems that people wondered if this was a quilting ruler. The answer to that is, no. Now to explain a little more: I am a quilter, I have designed patterns for quilting. Quilter's use tons of different rulers for different things. You can use a quilting ruler to do trim your corners, sort of. I did not have a ruler that did this job exactly as I wanted to do it. It was still just a guess. So being a quilter, and knowing that you can get a ruler made, I designed one to do what I wanted it to do. . . exactly. So, yes there are other rulers and tools that will accomplish the same thing. And if you have them, by all means, use them. This is a ruler for those that are not quilter's or may not have invested in a tool that might work. It is a simple idea that, simply put, works for what I needed it to do, which was trim my cardstock to cover my chipboard, quickly and easily! Thank you Kathy, for your continuing support and your beautiful tutorials!

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